October 2017

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A Capital City Twist

This enduring American classic has maintained a timeless popularity and a hotly debated origin.

A Fall Fragrance

Gertrude Stein famously said that a rose is a rose is a rose, but that phrase does not apply at Norma Becker’s home where the back yard is engulfed in velvety canvases of color, texture, and fragrance exuding from more than 75 glorious rose bushes. No two roses are alike.

A New Semester

Forest Acres Village Square is the new $60 million development on the former Cardinal Newman School site.

At Rest

Beauty Trends


Criminal activity conducted over the internet have become major problems for businesses and governments around the world.

Define the Design

Ex Libris: Rebecca

Published in 1938, this strategically artful and macabre novel offers a mesmerizing study in jealousy and is equal parts Victorian gothic and 1930s Agatha Christie.

From Mule Power to Horsepower

How tractors ended up in South Carolina to assist farmers and, ultimately, to replace mules and other working livestock, requires a history lesson.

From the Editor

Getting Down to Business: Columbia Eye Clinic

“Being proactive is so important. The sooner eye problems are detected and treated, the better your long-term vision outcomes.”

Getting Down to Business: Tiffany's Bakery

“Perhaps our proudest moments are when people tell us how excited they are when that white box with the red label and red ribbon, full of petits fours or other pastries, walks through the front door.”

Hiding in Plain Sight

While the love for the sport is intense, so is the careful attention paid to selecting the right apparel before heading out for a day of stalking prey.

Inspired Interiors

“Here I Stand; I Can Do No Other”

This month, people all over the world celebrate the quincentenary of the Protestant Reformation.

Lucky Day

The Friday the 13th Club meets quarterly on Friday the 13th — or as close as possible — for no other reason than to chat, laugh, and catch up on life.

Off the Beaten Path: Visiting Hartsville, South Carolina

Round and Round Again

Sitting down with Slif Ulrich, MD, orthopaedic surgeon

Stick to Your Guns

The old saying “reality is stranger than fiction” has long been proved true when it comes to hunting.

To Play or Not to Play

Some question whether the current structure of America’s youth sports system, tailored to identify and develop its most elite athletes, does so at the expense of participation, fun, and life skills.
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