October 2016

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2 Hours = 5 Meals

Now that the fall schedule is in full swing, finding time for healthy, home-cooked meals can be a bit tricky.

A Colonial Legacy

A handwritten letter is an endangered species in the current world of text messages and emails. However, in the colonial days of South Carolina, a handwritten letter was not only the primary way information traveled, it was also a true literary form.

A Gardener’s Canvas

Dirt is the canvas for a gardener’s artistic brushstrokes. Hues of green and brown layer across a gardener’s painting with pops of vivid color … yellow, pink, blue, purple, red. Nature’s flora showcases the pinnacle of artistic beauty.

Beauty Trends

Brian’s Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Columbia City Ballet

Columbia Metropolitan’s 2016 Designer Home

Coverage Gaps

The October 2015 rains and floods that battered South Carolina took 19 lives, caused 36 dam failures, destroyed more than $1 billion in home and property and displaced more than 20,000 residents.

Crown Jewel of the Upstate

It is rare to find a person who does not love where they went to college, but during the collegiate years of my children, I found that I was also drawn to the schools they attended and to the cities those schools call home.

Ex Libris: The Folio Book of Ghost Stories

As a child, I remember begging my father to tell me the scariest ghost story he knew, and I also remember my mother promptly vetoing the request for the sake of everyone’s sleep that night.

In Style Outerwear

Slip into fall’s chicest pieces with Cola Town’s must-have outerwear staples and accents.

Laurel Crest Continuing Care Retirement Community

Monthly Aromatics

Fall is definitely time for planting, and it’s also the perfect time for enjoying time in the garden. It is a delightful season to appreciate the intoxicating fragrance of Tea Olives blooming all over the Midlands.

Post Flood

When Michela Schildts earned her psychology degree in 2011 from the University of Florida, she never imagined she would use those skills gleaned in college to calm and consult flood victims in Columbia, South Carolina.

Rising Above the Waters

For years, Stacy and Michael Strong walked by a home on Quail Lane and admired it from the outside. From the look of it, to the location and style –– they loved it all.

Saving Face

t’s only been in the past few decades that facials, massages and other wonderful spa treatments have become commonplace, providing an eager clientele with wonderful options for being pampered.

Some Cheese With Your Wine?

Figuring out an easily shareable appetizer or unique take on the dessert course can be a challenge for even the most seasoned host or hostess.

Stingy Jack

People have been carving jack-o’-lanterns for centuries, but not always from pumpkins. The tradition originates from the Irish legend about “Stingy Jack” who cheated the Devil twice and got away with it.

Table Candy

The coffee table — the common footrest, remote holder and snack bar — can ultimately be a main centerpiece to any living area, a blank canvas to reflect personal style and taste.

Talking Politics

Senator Tim Scott exemplifies the unique American ideal that anyone has the opportunity in our country to succeed at the highest level.

The Future of Farming

When farmer Monty Rast drives past his acres of row crops in Calhoun County, he sees more than parcels of land.

Three Men and a Book

An unforeseen book collaboration continues to take three business acquaintances, turned close friends, turned associates, down unexpected and exciting paths.

Turtles and Bobcats and Owls … Oh My!

An alligator lurks below the cattails of a murky pond, a barn owl weaves between pine tree branches, a bobcat gingerly pursues a field mouse, and a turtle basks under the blanket of South Carolina’s sticky heat.

VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina

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