Football in the Abstract

Photo © Jeff Amberg

Photographer Jeff Amberg created a series of 19 University of South Carolina Gamecock football action images. “It’s a unique visual approach because the images become a timeless rendition of the spirit of Gamecock football,” he says. When asked why this particular approach, he says, “It’s the motion of the game that has always fascinated me. So, to capture that as a still-image, seeing the fluidness of the moment, leaves only the imagination to fill in the blanks.”

Over the past three years, Jeff has developed an entire body of work using a similar photographic style. “I see the world around us as a giant canvas of color and dynamic shapes,” he says. “Then it is transformed completely and transcends the every-day. Sometimes the results are quite surprising because the combination of color, light and shapes create a visual that can not be imagined.” He calls them expressions of lens and light. They are actual digital images taken directly from the camera and are not created with a computer software program.

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