November 2015

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A Hidden Gem

Quietly off of Forest Drive sits a beautiful, secluded neighborhood that rebuffs the busyness of the bustling area — a serene community that envelops the tranquil Mill Pond neighborhood which is located on land once owned by James Hammond.

Announcing 2015 Top Doctors®

Basic Skills, Advanced Success

The secrets to career success seem to be the same ones as those that let students thrive in the grade school classroom.

CMM Picks

Competing for a Cause

Few collegiate football rivalries carry the magnitude of the one that unfolds in the Palmetto State each November.

Cutlery, Explained

Choosing the right cutlery for the right culinary task can be a daunting situation when trying to get dinner on the table in a timely manner.

Et Cetera: Proper Turnout

Flipping for Their Future

Hot Shot


Palmetto People

Qualities of a Gentleman

Over the years of raising three daughters, we had many discussions of the qualities of a lady.

Scooting Home to Columbia

New York college student Frank Scozzafava didn’t go to the beach on his freshman spring break. Instead, a buddy convinced him to come visit his campus — the University of South Carolina.


During the long summer months in the South, oyster lovers begin the countdown to months with the letter R and the start of oyster season.


Stuffing — or dressing — can be a touchy subject among holiday cooks.

Tally Ho!

Crisp morning air, mist draped through the woods, the surge of the horse beneath and the sound of the hounds’ voices blending with the huntsman’s horn … it would be hard to find something not to love about foxhunting.

The 6th Annual Best of Philanthropy Awards

Six years ago, Columbia Metropolitan Magazine and Central Carolina Community Foundation partnered to create the Best of Philanthropy Awards to shine a light on people and organizations in the Midlands doing extraordinary things for the community.

The Aftermath

The Man at the Helm

In most occasions, when a large city like Columbia gets a new police chief, the nice thing to say is the person has some big shoes to fill.

War Dogs

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, however, war dogs are of a more prestigious title.

What’s the Buzz?

It has been said that if bees disappeared from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.
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