November 2011

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Barron's Outfitters

Best Doctors in the Midlands

The complete list of doctors in the Midlands named to Best Doctors, Inc.'s Best Doctors in America list

Carolina Fine Jewelry

Clarion Hotel Downtown

Grateful Hearts

Local Columbians share what they're thankful for this during this year's holiday season.

Home Advantage Realty

LGB Interiors

R U There?

What exactly is social media? Why are words such as “like,” “tweet” and “hashtag” becoming important business words in the office? Social media has quickly become one of the most effective ways to not only reach consumers but also to influence their opinions and mindsets. Barbara Rackes of The Rackes Group is coaching and encouraging Midlands’ businesses in how to make successful, strategic use of social media and the Internet at large.

Six-Legged Athleticism

Equestrian teams are gaining popularity and momentum in colleges and schools throughout South Carolina. Check out some of whats happening here in Richland County.

Star Gazer

When people say Robert “Bob” Ariail has his head in the clouds, he takes it as a compliment. Bob, now 79, has been a serious stargazer since his third grade teacher mentioned one day that the class was going to study astronomy. “I didn’t know what she meant at first,” says Bob. “But after we started talking about it, I became extremely interested. I began checking out books from the library. I soon became addicted to astronomy. After it gets you in its grasp, it’s hard to get it out of your system.”

Wildewood Aesthetic Dentistry

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