May 2017

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A Beneficent Pixie

The tooth fairy is a vital figure in most childhoods, as many develop a relationship with the winged creature who whisks their teeth away in exchange for a gift beneath their pillows.

Ambitious, Inspired and On the Move

It is with great excitement that CMM presents our inaugural Capital Young Professional Awards, honoring some of our community’s finest men and women.

A Peaceful Palette

Some homes are designed to convey a sense of drama. Others are built for coziness.

Beautiful Canvases

There is nothing quite like Columbia in the spring.

Blossom Shop

CMM Young Creatives Competition

CMM offered fourth grade art classrooms across the Midlands an opportunity to select three student representatives from each school to submit a piece of art in our CMM Young Creatives Competition.

Defining Carolina

n any map of South Carolina, there are a surprising number of French names: Bonneau, Huger, Horry, Laurens, Marion and Ravenel to name a few.

Design Mistakes Fixed

“Mirrors in a room, water in a landscape, eyes in a face — those are what give character.” — Brooke Astor

Early Decision Choosing from South Carolina’s colleges and universities

Choosing a college is perhaps one of the biggest decisions that students and their parents will make.

Et Cetera: Fresh Figs

“This fine fig tree is the very hub of our garden.”

Ex Libris: Murder as a Fine Art

Thomas De Quincey, made famous by his controversial Confessions of an Opium-Eater, was an important influence in the Victorian Sensationalism literary movement.

Inside Four Walls

To maintain a vibrant community, it is imperative not to discount, diminish or ignore the lives of those incarcerated.

Life on the Reef

Lutheran Hospice

Made in Cola Town: Jacquelyn Stucker

Moving in the Right Direction

Frank Cason can remember a time in the not-too-distant past when the words “gastropub” and “specialty wine shop” would not have prompted thoughts of Columbia’s North Main Street. 

Something to Soothe Every Body

The Craft of Cocoa

Chocolate is an irresistible temptation with universal appeal.

Unexpected Annuals

Let’s look at some different options that can add drama and interest to the May garden.

Yip Premier Real Estate, LLC

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