Getting Down to Business: Reese’s Plants

Sitting down with Philip Reese, owner

How did you get involved in the business?

The interest of getting into the plant business was introduced to me by my dad, Billy Reese. I had worked with him in his florist business for several years. There was an old greenhouse in Columbia that was available back in 1984. He showed me some plant samples and gave me ideas on how to be successful. With almost no knowledge in the plant business, but lots of determination, hard work, and the love of working with plants, I was able to weather all storms and make the business fruitful.


What differentiates your business from other specialists in the field?

Our selection of plants is second to none. We are fully stocked year-round with tens of thousands of the healthiest landscape, seasonal, and house plants that you will find at affordable retail prices. Whether you are a walk-in customer who needs one plant or an avid gardener, we are the nursery for you. We also offer wholesale to florists, interior plantscapers, landscapers, and garden centers. When you are looking for the widest selection of plants in the Columbia area, stop by our plant nursery. 


What inspires you daily?

Having the most awesome employees and the love they have for the business and working in all elements of weather inspires me. They step up to the plate daily and get the job done. They have a dedication to my company; whether they are feeling sick or just not having a good day, they are here rain or shine with a smile on their face. They are family to me, and we care about each other. I feel blessed that they work me, and I thank God daily for it.


What are your goals for this year?

Updating the current greenhouses and adding new varieties of plants to our selection. The current two houseplant greenhouses, totaling 5,320 square feet of space, are having the plastic cover replaced with a clear version and new see-thru fronts. The annual and perennial greenhouse will be expanding to just under 9,000 square feet, so there will be room for more new varieties to offer our customers. Plus, we will be adding new varieties to our landscape supply also.


What is your business’s biggest challenge?

Like for most businesses, finding new employees and keeping up with the ever-changing plant trends. We have added more personnel so we will be able to serve our customers even better. It is most important that we find employees that make a great fit with our company. We are picky in who we choose to serve customers. Plant trends are also a challenge. It’s like different fashions. What is popular one year may not be the case next year. Our customers are not only interested in our selection, but the quality of the plants. And you will be too!