March 2015

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A Forever Home ... For a While

For the Galloways, the joy is in the planning, the designing, the imagining. With two creative minds — and a builder as one-half of the couple — Lynn and Clint Galloway are always thinking about their next home.

A Sense of Belonging

It's easy to become so wrapped up in daily life that the places passed by every day simply blend into the background.

Beauty Trends

BeWell @ Home

Brabham Fence

Bridal Bites

The bridal shower is one of the most charming, pre-wedding customs in existence.

CMM Picks

Columbia’s Banking Capital

Et Cetera: Pat — Hunter of Hogs

Ex Libris: The Night Circus

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it, no paper notices on downtown posts and billboards, no mentions or advertisements in local newspapers. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.” — Erin Morgenstern

Hog Wild

Wild hogs — they’re big, they’re ugly, and they can be a bit ornery when cornered, but they sure are tasty on a plate.


Independent Schools

Love at First Sip

A retired cardiologist, Tommy Hearon practiced medicine in Columbia for many years, but it seems he lost his heart to France.

Mainstream Boutique

Mungo Homes


Out with the Cold In with the Hue

Seasons are changing in the Capital City, so it’s time to pack up the black and hit the streets in search of some color!

Rock Solid

Sentimental Clutter

Most of us have to cull our clutter, deciding what to keep and what to give away, what to display and what to throw in the garbage.

Sox and Freeman

Spotlight on Learning

Springtime Tips for Pets

Dr. William Otis offers six suggestions for your beloved furry friends.

Swirl & Savor

The World is Her Oyster

Elizabeth Wyman Crews has seen Jesus at the beach — the perfect oyster shell to represent the baby Messiah in one of her oyster shell nativities, that is.

Treasure Island

Nestled among the dotted islands that make up the Caribbean country of Turks & Caicos lies Parrot Cay by COMO.

Wavering Place Plantation

It’s hardly short of miraculous that the captivating Southern lady known as Wavering Place Plantation is still around to exert her charm.

Whimsical Window Boxes

Window boxes are a creative way to add even more interesting, flowering and evergreen plants to the garden.
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