Getting Down to Business: DayBreak Adult Care Services

“Over the past 17 years, we have enhanced the lives of thousands in Columbia and Lexington by allowing them to remain at home longer.”

Sitting down with Coker Day, owner/founder

(803) 356-4451


How did your business begin?

I was previously in a nursing home sales position, which required a lot of travel out of state. When that job ended, I struggled to find a job that was a good fit where I was genuinely able to help people. I had many contacts in the medical field and discovered the home care industry was growing across the country. In 2001, I founded DayBreak Adult Care Services.


What differentiates your business from other specialists in the field?

We are not a franchise, and we operate only in South Carolina. I founded DayBreak in Columbia, and the other locations opened after. All locations are locally owned and operated.


What is something people would be surprised to learn about your business?

I’ve attended special training to help increase our level of customer service and client and employee satisfaction. Most of our customer service practices were learned through the Disney Institute at Walt Disney World.


What are the latest developments/innovations in your field?

Technology that helps clients and families in the home is growing and changing quickly. Monitoring systems are continually evolving that help ensure people are eating, taking medications, and allow family members to monitor them from far away. Ultimately, this allows many people to stay home independently for longer.


How has the Columbia community benefitted from your business?

Over the past 17 years, we have enhanced the lives of thousands in Columbia by allowing them to remain at home longer. We’ve also helped relieve family members of the stress of caring for a loved one.


How does your company give back to the Columbia community?

We support many local charities, including, but not limited to, Palmetto Children’s Place and the Caregiver Coalition of the Midlands, and we provide complimentary continuing education opportunities for long-term care professionals.