June 2017

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A Taste of the Tropics

Visitors to the lush, tropical island of Jamaica are instantly caught up in the pulsating rhythm of daily life.

Baker Collision Express

Blooming Beauties

When Erin purchased her home, it was 20 years old, and the yard was bare — a blank canvas for her to create her own masterpiece.


Churning Traditions

Without question, ice cream is as beloved a treat today as it was in the 1600s.

Ex Libris: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

“The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood of my car. Up until then I was having a great afternoon.” – Percy Jackson

Journalism in Color

What someone finds funny, another may find offensive; provocative to her may be confusing to him. It’s this challenge that makes the practice of cartooning and illustrating so challenging, yet so rewarding.

Lowcountry Icons

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Plein Air Cooking

Putting it in Print

For four decades, Mel Clarke Sr. has been running his family business, Service Printing, the only way he knows how: by being honest with customers and delivering what he promises.

Rebound and Recreate

The devastating effects of a few feet of water in the home created an opportunity to “rebound, rebuild, recreate and re-imagine.”

Rockin’ and Growin’

“There’s always someone popping up –– college students getting used to a new environment and wanting to test their talent in a new place. This keeps our music scene fresh."

Seasonally Sunny Summer Squash

Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company

“The success of this company depends wholly on the caliber of our people. Nothing highlights this more than their willingness to share their own time and money for a worthy cause in the community.”

The Skill of Patience

Unappetizing Ideas

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