June 2016

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Announcing 2016 topDentists™

Are We There Yet?

Summertime signifies sunshine, wonderful weather, a break from school and the opportunity to take a road trip.

Ask the Experts: Home Q&A

At the Water’s Edge

Pamela Roberts and Joel Smith always knew they wanted a beach house. With four children — in two different age groups — and three grandchildren, they wanted to find the perfect spot for the whole family to spend time together.

Congratulations CMA!

Columbia Museum of Art has played an influential role in the community since its opening in 1950, which is only one of the many reasons that the museum has been awarded the 2016 National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

Creative Lighting

Dig In

Visiting a plant nursery can be a daunting task for those new to garden shopping.

Ending Modern Day Slavery

Assistant Attorney General Kinli Abee still remembers the paralyzing fear that gripped her client, a young woman, during South Carolina’s first human trafficking conviction.

Ex Libris: How English Became English – A Short History of a Global Language

I have always felt a strong curiosity about the origins of the English language as its rather complex family tree offers a plethora of diverse vocabulary.

Growing Tropicals

During the past few months, many of my clients have asked me to include tropical plants in their landscape.

Just Peachy

Peaches. It’s hard to think of summer without imagining the sweetest of summer fruits — biting into a sweet, juicy peach is one of those moments that makes the summer heat worth it. And in South Carolina, peaches rule.

Local Hands, Global Landmarks

The Memorial offers reflection on the past and will ensure that future generations will never forget the events of 9/11.

Made in Cola Town

Recently engaged, Anna Camp — like most women about to get married — is dying to talk about her upcoming wedding. It’s too bad she can’t.

One Rapid at a Time

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a “river rat” is defined as a riverman, or one who spends his leisure time on or along the river.

Shaping Skylines

From its humble home in peaceful Columbia, Owen Steel has helped shape the most recognizable skylines in bustling East Coast cities for 80 years.

Summertime Sweets

Summertime Columbia is hot, humid and sticky! As the days of needing a bowl of warm soup are distant memories, now is the time to reach for something cold and refreshing.

The Art of the Angler

Fly-fishing has a long and rich sporting heritage. Nobles, Roman soldiers and English women of refinery all had a hand in the development of the sport. Izzack Walton fished with a fly and wrote one of the sport’s early classic pieces of literature.

The Freedom of Forgiveness

The words rang out clearly, despite being slightly muffled by suppressed sobs, for all the world to hear. “I forgive you.”

Window Dressing

Lucy and Frank Hart did not consider window boxes for their Charleston-style home when they were building it seven years ago in Forest Acres.
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