Getting Down to Business: ImageCare

Sitting down with Laura G. Ulrich, M.D. (803) 462-3680

What is the mission of your practice?

Increasing interaction with patients allows further understanding of who we are, and patients learn the value that we bring to their healthcare as part of their physician team.


What differentiates your practice from other specialists in the field?

Patient communication puts a face on the radiologist as the patient’s personal physician. We have patients who travel from afar, passing several large breast-imaging and radiology centers, to come to us because they know us and know we care.


What do you like best about the line of work?

I enjoy coming to work knowing that ImageCare has a patient-centered focus that drives us to quality, not only in interpretation but in total care to the patient.


What is something people would be surprised to learn about you and your practice?

I am officially sub-specialized in neuroradiology, but I also enjoy my practice in women’s imaging and other sections of radiology where I spend more than half of my time.

How has your life experience made you successful in your field today?

Communicating directly with patients is not a task many radiologists are used to, but it is a skill that I gained through my years of practice. With time and experience, you learn to ease patients’ anxiety and reassure them in any way you can. If we can approach our patients with compassion and understanding, it really goes a long way, both for patients and for radiologists. It is very rewarding.


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