July-August 2016

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A Celebrated Delicacy

In the days before refrigeration and frozen food aisles in grocery stores, people had to be creative with their produce in order to maximize the benefits from their harvest and minimize spoilage.

A Foundation of Faith

After more than four years together, Chapman and Jordan had grown so close that Chapman was certain there’d be no surprising her.

America’s Charters of Freedom

In late May, replicas of three special pieces of our nation’s history were dedicated in Columbia as a result of an educational project called Foundation Forward, Inc.

Anchors Aweigh!

Drift into July with a nautical, preppy-chic style and draw inspiration for your weekend getaway wardrobe from coastal Cape Cod.

Ask the Experts: Medical Q&A

Divine Vines

Education – In Their Own Words

Ex Libris: The Voyage of the Argo

Explosive Growth

A3 is seen as an industry leader in systems integration, combining all of the technology into one comprehensive system that speaks easily to each other.

French Doors and Porches

There are some aspects of tradition to which Margaret and Jimmy Carter adhere in a Southern home: formal living and dining rooms, French doors and porches.

From Napa to Nuptials

For Courtenay McDowell and Matt Saunders, planning the wedding of their dreams was a welcome diversion to the destruction of the October 2015 floods.

From the Backyard to the Ballet

Martha Graham, recognized as one of the great artists of the 20th century, employed a bit of Southern culture in her final composition, Maple Leaf Rag.

Higher Education

ImageCare, LLC

It’s a Lifestyle

Each month, books and magazines in the large spaces labeled “health and wellness,” “nutrition” and “diet” tout the latest news and advice.

Natural Rhythm

Lee Ann Kornegay never imagined that an ancient musical expression would lead her to become a teacher.

Oodles of Noodles

Traditional ingredients — mayonnaise, potatoes and fruit — have relegated Southern salads to chilled, and often ignored side dishes, rather than the healthy main attraction.


The 2015-2016 school year has seen that success expand across teams and individuals who participated in the South Carolina High School League ranks.

The South’s Wooden Hammock

Joggle (v): to shake slightly; to move or cause to move with repeated small bobs or jerks. First known use of “Joggle” — circa 1727

Travel Leaders

Under an Umbrella of Magnolias

Sometimes a yard draws people in by the sheer size and beauty of it. A landscape peppered with flowers and hedges just begs visitors to come in and take seat.
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