January-February 2017

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A Covey Rise

In the South, when someone says they’re going “bird hunting,” it means only one thing — hunting Bobwhite quail.

After the Tingles Fade

I was in the Chicago airport when I met Jan who was on her way to visit her fiancé for the weekend.

All Sorts and Sizes

January and February are sleepy months in the garden, but they are also the perfect months to critically evaluate the elements in the landscape.

A Memorable Year

Each year, it is our great privilege to conduct the Best of Columbia contest honoring the wonderful businesses that together help our city thrive.

Ask the Experts: Home Q&A

Beacons in the Darkness

Few architectural structures can boast the unique blend of history and beauty composed in lighthouses.

Classic guns for the pursuit of quail

Coming Home to Roost

Jane Suggs has always been what she calls a mover. As in, “if it’s time to paint, it’s time to move,” she says.

Define the Design: Color Combinations

The October High Point Market showcased new directions in color for upholstery and accessories for 2017.

Ex Libris: Running for My Life

“The thing about dreams, though, is they usually sound crazy to everyone but you. All it takes is one other person to buy into them to keep you going.” — Lopez Lomong

Hope in the Hurting

“I was at a conference, and someone came toward me covered in expensive jewelry — diamonds. She pulled me aside and told me her story.

Lake Murray Hearing


Beneath the elaborate dome of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Rossi and Spencer Green became husband and wife in a touching ceremony that upheld ancient traditions of the Greek Orthodox church.

Pushed to the Limit

When stepping up to the starting line, there are miles of terrain that could be rocky, swampy or anywhere in-between. There are obstacles to traverse and avoid, boats to paddle and bikes to pedal.

Reese’s Plants

Service Above Self

“My best Rotary memory was also one of the most difficult times of my life,” says Ione, who now serves as an assistant governor for Area 2 of the state.

Simple Living

Columbia is way ahead of the tiny home craze.

Stems and Stemless

Crafting a registry with your fiancé is one of the most exciting tasks on the wedding planning to-do list.

Tiger Paws and Santa Suits

Katherine Tribble and Reid Schwartz first crossed paths at Clemson University where they attended a class together their freshman year.

Will You Be My Valentine?

The image of a flying infant, armed with a bow and arrows, represents the hope and celebration of love on Valentine’s Day.
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