December 2016

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A Timeless Design

Margaret Clarkson’s mother, Sarah, was well ahead of her time.

Biscuits Are on the Rise

When fresh-baked biscuits are passed at the Southern dinner table, guests are cordially invited to “take two and butter them while they’re hot.”

Coats for Kids

For most, crawling into the attic to retrieve bins and boxes of winter clothes, scarves and coats — packed up at the beginning of March just as the winter weather is moving out — is something to avoid as long as possible.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Larry Lebby can’t remember a time when he wasn’t creating.

Cracking the Dress Code

Ahhhh, the holidays! A time for Silver Bells, exchanging well thought-out Christmas cards, festive attire, gathering with friends and family, gift giving and parties — lots of parties.

Et Cetera: All About Brass

Hardier than silver and less apt to tarnish, brass has its own set of maintenance rules.

Ex Libris: Persuasion

There is perhaps no canonical author who has had swept modern culture as comprehensively as Jane Austen.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!” “Merry Christmas!” The cheerful greetings we use during this festive month indicate the lighthearted celebration of our nation’s biggest holiday.

Heads or Tails

For many South Carolinians, hunting and fishing is a way of life. Hours are spent focusing, listening, thinking and waiting for the perfect catch or that elusive 10-point buck.

Local Spirits

The micro-distilling scene in the Midlands continues to grow as a handful of locally-owned businesses are producing spirits to satisfy the market of patrons looking for hand-crafted moonshine, vodkas, rums and bourbons.

Mending Lives

Providence Home was birthed out of pain and shame. The story goes that John Zenoni was arrested in 1957 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Monkee’s of Columbia

One Customer at a Time

Holt Chetwood loves being a banker, but it’s not the numbers or spreadsheets that he gets excited about.

Party Palates

The holidays are all about entertaining and, of course, feasting on comforting dishes.

Perfectly Polished

For all of its timeless appeal, silver is a bit of an outlier.


Peter Graham, Ed.D. ate dinner at the McCutchen House for the first time 28 years ago while being recruited by the University of South Carolina to develop the curriculum and teach in the new Department of Sports and Entertainment Management.

Senior Living: In Their Own Words

Sinter Klaas

Before he was coming down chimneys, adorned in his iconic red suit and black boots to deliver toys to all of the deserving children, St. Nicholas was known as the “protector of children and sailors.”

Technology’s March

What do an 18th century microscope, an Edison cylinder phonograph from 1905, an early De Forest radio, early IBM Apple computers, computer chips and all types of clocks have in common?

The 2017 Best Lawyers® in the Midlands

When good legal representation is needed, Woodward/White, an Aiken-based publishing company, provides the preeminent referral guide to the legal profession in the United States.

The Potting Shed

Outbuildings have always been a very important architectural element in the design of major gardens.

The Thin Blue Line

It’s not uncommon to see Lt. Frieda Wyatt talking to a group of curious children about her job.
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