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A Tall Order May 2016

A Tall Order

Elementary school teachers continually deal with a student’s boredom, fidgeting, attention span, focus, drowsiness and general mischief.

Why America Is Free May 2015

Why America Is Free

Upon graduation, only one in 10 U.S. high school seniors can pass the test a person must take to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. As the population of the nation becomes increasingly diverse, the social studies curriculum has taught less and less about the defining and unifying history of the founding of this nation and the heritage shared by all Americans.

USC College of Nursing April 2015

USC College of Nursing

A pioneer in its field, the University of South Carolina College of Nursing became the first nationally accredited baccalaureate-nursing program in South Carolina in 1957.

A Sense of Belonging March 2015

A Sense of Belonging

It's easy to become so wrapped up in daily life that the places passed by every day simply blend into the background.

From South Carolina Soil to the World Stage September 2014

From South Carolina Soil to the World Stage

Nestled into the quaint little town of Due West, S.C., Erskine College has been producing generations of leaders for 175 years.

Lighting an Insatiable Fire June 2014

Lighting an Insatiable Fire

Not only does reading offer endless entertainment, but it also is a key component of mental development ...

Hitting the Number One Rank April 2014

Hitting the Number One Rank

For a number of reasons, the Honors College is ranked number one among the 50 other public honors colleges throughout the United States.

Back to School, Online November 2013

Back to School, Online

As fans cheered the Gamecocks’ first win of the season against the Tar Heels, Tommy Phelps …

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