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It’s a Lifestyle July/August 2016

It’s a Lifestyle

Each month, books and magazines in the large spaces labeled “health and wellness,” “nutrition” and “diet” tout the latest news and advice.

March 2016

Plump, Lift, Brighten

“You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life.” — Coco Chanel

Grace in the Midst of Spina Bifida January/February 2016

Grace in the Midst of Spina Bifida

It was a cold, rainy day when Grace was born on Dec. 22, 2014.

Mending Fences December 2015

Mending Fences

What first comes to mind when thinking about the Christmas holidays? For those with Christian faith, a celebration of Jesus’ birthday is foremost.

Mind Matters December 2015

Mind Matters

Barbara Robinson, 77, is approaching 100 books that she has read over the past three years. She keeps a book journal on her computer, pursues topics that pique her interest and admits to periods of single-minded focus.

The “S” Word October 2015

The “S” Word

"There are twice as many South Carolinians who die yearly by suicides than by homicides, though people think it’s the other way around. Somebody dies by suicide in South Carolina every 12 hours, and we’re ranked as number 27 in the country. That’s too many, and we need to do better." — Helen Pridgen

The Weight of the Nation September 2015

The Weight of the Nation

I was overweight my entire childhood. My memories as a child are of always being tired, out of breath and hungry, even though food was consumed often and abundantly.

Saving Eliza June 2015

Saving Eliza

Most people fear any late night phone calls that might bear tragic news or a doctor’s unexpected diagnosis. The statement, “Your daughter has Sanfilippo Syndrome,” instantly and traumatically altered one Columbia family’s existence.

Columbia’s Path to Youth Health April 2015

Columbia’s Path to Youth Health

Residents of South Carolina’s capital city cringe when statistics are tossed around concerning childhood obesity.

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