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Mending a Broken Heart April 2016

Mending a Broken Heart

Dave, an avid cyclist, decided to take a 20-mile bike ride through Fort Jackson before watching the Carolina-Georgia game that afternoon with his family, but just four miles into his workout, Dave felt “tired and out of gas.”

Fitness: Reset Your Mindset October 2015

Fitness: Reset Your Mindset

Stretching across the bank of Lake Austin in Texas Hill Country, Lake Austin Spa Resort provides a charming retreat that combines luxurious relaxation and invigorating fitness.

Rock  Solid March 2015

Rock Solid

Fitness Technology December 2014

Fitness Technology

Fitness technology seems to be the perfect marriage of love for gadgetry and America’s never-ending quest to stay healthy.

Front Line Heroines March 2012

Front Line Heroines

No Socks, No Shoes, No Problem September 2011

No Socks, No Shoes, No Problem

Humans have been running since the dawn of man, often covering long distances without the expensive cushioning and arch support of modern shoes. Now,a small but growing movement is taking place in the United States of barefoot runners, people who run for fun, fitness and sport with nothing whatsoever on their feet. The trend has even caught on here in Columbia!

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