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April 2017

Hidden Expenses

Fees that local governments impose on developers and homebuilders can wind up costing homebuyers thousands of extra dollars.

One Customer at a Time December 2016

One Customer at a Time

Holt Chetwood loves being a banker, but it’s not the numbers or spreadsheets that he gets excited about.

Explosive Growth July/August 2016

Explosive Growth

A3 is seen as an industry leader in systems integration, combining all of the technology into one comprehensive system that speaks easily to each other.

Shaping Skylines June 2016

Shaping Skylines

From its humble home in peaceful Columbia, Owen Steel has helped shape the most recognizable skylines in bustling East Coast cities for 80 years.

When Business is Personal December 2015

When Business is Personal

Entertaining clients –– it’s a tradition that has been in practice as long as businesses have existed.

Basic Skills, Advanced Success November 2015

Basic Skills, Advanced Success

The secrets to career success seem to be the same ones as those that let students thrive in the grade school classroom.

Scooting Home to Columbia November 2015

Scooting Home to Columbia

New York college student Frank Scozzafava didn’t go to the beach on his freshman spring break. Instead, a buddy convinced him to come visit his campus — the University of South Carolina.

The Corner Office June 2015

The Corner Office

Take a walk into First Citizens bank headquarters in Columbia, and it’s not unusual to hear a hearty laughter echoing down the hallways.

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