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July/August 2012

Look Good, Feel Better

Q&A with experts in the medical field.

Roller Derby June 2012

Roller Derby

Front Line Heroines March 2012

Front Line Heroines

Columbia Climbers December 2011

Columbia Climbers

Are you a nature enthusiast? Interested in taking your outdoor recreation to new heights? Take a look at an unexpected sport that has already made its mark with many Columbians – rock climbing.

Six-Legged Athleticism November 2011

Six-Legged Athleticism

Equestrian teams are gaining popularity and momentum in colleges and schools throughout South Carolina. Check out some of whats happening here in Richland County.

A Team of Champions September 2011

A Team of Champions

The USC Men's Baseball made history this year. Read the story of their amazing season!

No Socks, No Shoes, No Problem September 2011

No Socks, No Shoes, No Problem

Humans have been running since the dawn of man, often covering long distances without the expensive cushioning and arch support of modern shoes. Now,a small but growing movement is taking place in the United States of barefoot runners, people who run for fun, fitness and sport with nothing whatsoever on their feet. The trend has even caught on here in Columbia!

July/August 2011

Look Good, Feel Better

Q&A with experts in the medical field.

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