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Fitness: Reset Your Mindset October 2015

Fitness: Reset Your Mindset

Stretching across the bank of Lake Austin in Texas Hill Country, Lake Austin Spa Resort provides a charming retreat that combines luxurious relaxation and invigorating fitness.

Rushing through the Rapids July/August 2015

Rushing through the Rapids

Sensation or thrill seeking is a personality trait defined by the need to have experiences and feelings that are varied, novel, complex and intense and by the eagerness to take risks for the sake of such experiences.

A River Runs Through It June 2015

A River Runs Through It

There is something uniquely appealing about water, from the sound of its gurgling to the aquatic life it offers and the enjoyable sports it provides.

Beauty Trends March 2015

Beauty Trends

Rock  Solid March 2015

Rock Solid

Hog Wild March 2015

Hog Wild

Wild hogs — they’re big, they’re ugly, and they can be a bit ornery when cornered, but they sure are tasty on a plate.

Taking Life to the Mat January/February 2015

Taking Life to the Mat

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport, dating back more than 5,000 years. Little has changed, except for a few safety measures — mats, head gear and mouthpieces.

Fitness Technology December 2014

Fitness Technology

Fitness technology seems to be the perfect marriage of love for gadgetry and America’s never-ending quest to stay healthy.

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