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Batting a Thousand May 2016

Batting a Thousand

Baseball is widely considered a sport where numbers and data are meticulously dissected and careful thought is given to every pitch in every situation.

Mending a Broken Heart April 2016

Mending a Broken Heart

Dave, an avid cyclist, decided to take a 20-mile bike ride through Fort Jackson before watching the Carolina-Georgia game that afternoon with his family, but just four miles into his workout, Dave felt “tired and out of gas.”

March 2016

Beauty Trends

A Competitive Spirit December 2015

A Competitive Spirit

Kelly Kirtley describes the world of competitive cheerleading as fast and furious.

Carolina Legends December 2015

Carolina Legends

University of South Carolina fans know more than their fair share of football.

Tally Ho! November 2015

Tally Ho!

Crisp morning air, mist draped through the woods, the surge of the horse beneath and the sound of the hounds’ voices blending with the huntsman’s horn … it would be hard to find something not to love about foxhunting.

Skin Care Secrets October 2015

Skin Care Secrets

In planning our fall biannual Beauty Trends feature, Columbia Metropolitan Magazine recently visited with two South Carolina nurse authors, Lil Bogdan and Nan Brown.

Beauty Trends October 2015

Beauty Trends

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