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Talking Politics October 2016

Talking Politics

Senator Tim Scott exemplifies the unique American ideal that anyone has the opportunity in our country to succeed at the highest level.

Retirement Strategies September 2016

Retirement Strategies

Americans are healthier and living longer; 70 is often called the new 65. For retirement, 70 just may be the new 60.

Dressing Dorms  September 2016

Dressing Dorms

An estimated 20 million students nationwide are expected to enter college this fall. This past year, 32,000 students were enrolled at the University of South Carolina, with the majority of those being female: 54 percent.

From Napa to Nuptials July/August 2016

From Napa to Nuptials

For Courtenay McDowell and Matt Saunders, planning the wedding of their dreams was a welcome diversion to the destruction of the October 2015 floods.

A Foundation of Faith July/August 2016

A Foundation of Faith

After more than four years together, Chapman and Jordan had grown so close that Chapman was certain there’d be no surprising her.

Explosive Growth July/August 2016

Explosive Growth

A3 is seen as an industry leader in systems integration, combining all of the technology into one comprehensive system that speaks easily to each other.

Made in  Cola Town June 2016

Made in Cola Town

Recently engaged, Anna Camp — like most women about to get married — is dying to talk about her upcoming wedding. It’s too bad she can’t.

Ending Modern Day Slavery June 2016

Ending Modern Day Slavery

Assistant Attorney General Kinli Abee still remembers the paralyzing fear that gripped her client, a young woman, during South Carolina’s first human trafficking conviction.

Growing Tropicals  June 2016

Growing Tropicals

During the past few months, many of my clients have asked me to include tropical plants in their landscape.

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