April 2017

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A Busy Bubble of Activity

On any given day, the students at The Barclay School, just up the road from Ridgeway’s historic Main Street, are reciting historic dates, mastering yoga positions and karate moves, writing letters to seniors at the nearby nursing home and roasting coffee.

A Global Gathering

When Raj Aluri entered the University of South Carolina in 1976 as an international student from India, he was one of only a handful of foreign students on campus.

Devilishly Delicious Eggs

In many homes, celebrating Easter includes dying Easter eggs, lots of them.

Diet and Depression

Everyone knows diet affects physical health, but did you know diet affects mental health too?

Dusting Through the Decades

While modern products and gadgets have significantly eased the workload, there was a time not long ago when cleaning meant putting some muscle into the work.

Ex Libris: Twelfth Night, or What You Will

From Ocean Floors to Mountain Peaks

When Maj. Gen. Thomas Stowe “Tom” Mullikin took command of the all-volunteer South Carolina State Guard less than three years ago, he had a singular goal of taking the organization from, as he says, “Good, to great, to elite.”

Give Me Some Space!

Going Native

What exactly is a native plant?

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hidden Expenses

Fees that local governments impose on developers and homebuilders can wind up costing homebuyers thousands of extra dollars.

In Full Bloom

It’s the perfect season to create beautifully unique floral centerpieces for all of your spring parties.

Instruments of Beauty

For some Columbia musicians, making music goes well beyond plunking out a tune on just any instrument.

Old, Weathered and New Again

Before the American Revolution, the tall, longleaf pine grew wild and in abundance, with one vast forest stretching from Virginia to Florida to Texas.

South Carolina Celebrities

Nothing in nature compares to capturing beautiful photographs of wildlife.

Still Home

“Home is where the heart is” is a common adage stitched on pillows and painted on plaques. However, Elizabeth and Scott Barber and their three children live that cliché expression.
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