Rural Retail

Country stores in the Palmetto State

Robert Clark

In this era when society’s thirst for mastering a faster pace has no limits, it’s refreshing to seek refuge in places where savoring slow moments is habitual. Pull out your bike and peddle down the road to rural South Carolina. Stroll into an old country store and sit a spell. Enjoy a cold Coke in an old-fashioned green bottle and play a game of checkers. Purchase supplies or a piece of Mary Jane candy.

Experience the unique culture of these treasured icons, where time lingers. Chat with neighbors and enjoy the congeniality of Southern living. Nothing halts your racing thoughts or unwinds tension quite like the salubrious atmosphere surrounding a country store.

In this photo essay, Robert Clark captures the essence of these vintage buildings that hold memories from the days when being in a hurry was harder to do. Enjoy the pleasures of the Palmetto State’s country lifestyle while looking through the lens of Robert’s camera. And if your imagination is truly intact, you might even smell the Bazooka bubblegum.


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