Revente Luxury Resale

Sitting down with Heather Burns, owner (803) 256-3076

How did your business begin?

Revente Luxury Resale was established by Debbie McDaniel in May 1992. Having worked in retail for many years, she was able to see and recognize a trend of brands breaking price very quickly. From the realization that retail was changing, Revente was born.


What is the mission of your business?

The mission of our business is to provide a second life to authentic luxury goods while offering exceptional customer service to our consignors and customers. We strive to create an exciting shopping experience and help our clients build new wardrobes or downsize existing closets to create a smaller carbon footprint.


How did you get involved with this business?

I began my career at Revente in August 2001, fresh out of high school and new to Columbia. I was hooked on the concept of resale the second I walked through the door for my first interview. I love fashion and well-made clothing so consignment was a way for me to afford nice quality items on my budget. I became the store manager a few years later and as the business grew, adding two other stores, Sid & Nancy in 2007 and Revente’s Second Chances in 2010, I became the general manager of the company. On Jan. 1, 2016, Debbie retired, and I took over the business.


What are the latest developments/innovations in your field?

We recently began authenticating items through Entrupy, affiliates of the national organization we belong to called NARTS, The Association of Resale Professionals. Entrupy is the world’s first authentication service that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect the authenticity of luxury and designer goods.


How does your company give back to the Columbia community?

At Revente, we believe when you give back to your community, your community supports you. Our charity store, Revente’s Second Chances, donates 100 percent of its net profit to The Women’s Shelter. Individuals can also choose to consign items in the name of their favorite charity, and we will mail them a check. We also partner with different organizations throughout the year for “percent days” where we donate a percentage of our daily sales to that charity.