Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company

Getting Down to Business

Sitting down with Chris Freeman,

CEO, ISA Certified Arborist

(803) 252-7294


What differentiates your business from other specialists in the field? 

One of the things that makes us different at Sox and Freeman is our commitment to education. All of our crew leaders are encouraged and assisted in becoming Internationally Certified Arborists. This professional certification provides us with a set of recognized standards in exceptional tree care that we can use to better serve our clients. 


What inspires you daily? 

The benefits of trees are more than just aesthetics. Trees growing in close proximity to people have a genuine positive impact on health and well-being. What inspires us daily is the opportunity to preserve and enhance this relationship between trees and people.


How do you keep up with the latest advances in the field? 

Our industry is one that is rapidly evolving. The employees of Sox and Freeman embrace the development of new and different techniques in climbing and tree care. In many cases, our arborists are on the cutting edge of the creation of these new techniques. Between industry-sponsored educational events and the personal networking of our employees, Sox and Freeman arborists are able to stay at the forefront of industry innovation. 


How does your company give back to the Columbia Community? 

One benefit of being a mature, locally established business in the Midlands is the ability to form long lasting relationships with our customers. This also puts us in the position to give back to the community. Examples of this vary from the volunteering of our time and services to Historic Columbia Foundation, to performing tree work for Habitat For Humanity. Our crews have participated in cross-training exercises with the City of Columbia’s Fire Department Heavy Rescue. Additionally, this year, employees of Sox and Freeman and their families participated in the national event, Feeding Children Everywhere. The success of this company depends wholly on the caliber of our people. Nothing highlights this more than their willingness to share their own time and money for a worthy cause in the community.