Reese’s Plants

We run our business inside and out by our motto, “Live, Love, Plant.”

Philip Reese

What is the mission of your business?  

We run our business inside and out by our motto, “Live, Love, Plant.” Our staff is composed of a close-knit group that allows the shopping environment to be relaxed and stress-free. We are all plant lovers and are in this type of business for a reason. In need of plant advice, year-round quality products, knowledgeable staff, large quantities of landscape plants or even a therapy session? We have it all covered!  


How do you keep up with the latest advances in your field?

By making regular visits to growers all over the Southeast, we are able to gain a better grasp on what’s new in the industry. Also, like any good gardener knows, it is all an experiment. We always try to remain open and welcoming to new varieties of plants –– and try them out for ourselves.


What do you like best about your line of work?

Not many people come into a plant nursery in a bad mood. They come in because they have a passion (some call it an “addiction”) for growing, nurturing and loving plants. It’s the customers and that random butterfly waving hello that make us feel very lucky to not have an office job.


What is something people would be surprised to learn about your business?

We, as a staff, bring a variety of interests and expertise to Reese’s Plants, and we each have diverse ways of using plants in our everyday lives. From creating beautifully presented drink recipes to making soap that could cure any ailment head-to-toe, our passion for plants and their many uses is something we take with us everywhere we go.