Ask the Experts: Home Q&A

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Q: I want to add outdoor lighting to my home but I’m on a budget.  What can I do?

Kenny Kaufman Kenny Kaufman: Most people are on budgets. But in reality, homeowners usually install their outdoor lighting in phases as their properties change and expand. When having your lighting system installed, plan for expansion, so that you don’t max out your transformer. This strategy can make additions more affordable when you decide to move forward. By using LED lights, you can make those add-ons easily and more energy efficient. Many people have both halogen and LED lights in their system. High quality CREE® LED lights blend seamlessly into a halogen system, so you can still reap the LED benefits until you fully upgrade. 















Midlands Storage Systems

Q: What addition to my garage will give me the most functionality and increase the value to my home?


Phil Muhlenkamp: Having a wall storage system and overhead racks installed will help separate your everyday items from your long-term storage. Designated spaces for tools, ladders, sporting goods, toys and containers provide convenient access and help eliminate clutter. Placing decorations and seasonal items in overhead racks can give you 50 percent more space in your garage. To increase efficiency and add even more value, you can include cabinets, workstations and a high quality professional floor finish that matches your home’s style.















Casual Furniture Restoration

Q: What fabric should I use to recover my outdoor furniture?

Mark Brubach: If you have good quality patio furniture that you enjoy but the cushions are faded or worn, bring them back to life and make them look brand new by recovering them with Sunbrella® fabrics. Sunbrella® fabrics are very durable, low maintenance, water and fade resistant and are available in a large variety of colors and patterns. You won’t have to worry about spills or stains because it can be tossed into the wash and look as good as new after one cycle. This will ensure that your furniture or cushions will be restored or fabricated to the highest quality –– and will guarantee that it will provide many years of “trouble-free” service.

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