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A Global Gathering April 2017

A Global Gathering

When Raj Aluri entered the University of South Carolina in 1976 as an international student from India, he was one of only a handful of foreign students on campus.

After the Tingles Fade January/February 2017

After the Tingles Fade

I was in the Chicago airport when I met Jan who was on her way to visit her fiancé for the weekend.

Will You Be My Valentine? January/February 2017

Will You Be My Valentine?

The image of a flying infant, armed with a bow and arrows, represents the hope and celebration of love on Valentine’s Day.

Ex Libris: Running for My Life January/February 2017

Ex Libris: Running for My Life

“The thing about dreams, though, is they usually sound crazy to everyone but you. All it takes is one other person to buy into them to keep you going.” — Lopez Lomong

Cracking the Dress Code December 2016

Cracking the Dress Code

Ahhhh, the holidays! A time for Silver Bells, exchanging well thought-out Christmas cards, festive attire, gathering with friends and family, gift giving and parties — lots of parties.

Happy Holidays December 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!” “Merry Christmas!” The cheerful greetings we use during this festive month indicate the lighthearted celebration of our nation’s biggest holiday.

Sinter Klaas December 2016

Sinter Klaas

Before he was coming down chimneys, adorned in his iconic red suit and black boots to deliver toys to all of the deserving children, St. Nicholas was known as the “protector of children and sailors.”

Coats for Kids December 2016

Coats for Kids

For most, crawling into the attic to retrieve bins and boxes of winter clothes, scarves and coats — packed up at the beginning of March just as the winter weather is moving out — is something to avoid as long as possible.

Mending Lives December 2016

Mending Lives

Providence Home was birthed out of pain and shame. The story goes that John Zenoni was arrested in 1957 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Technology’s March December 2016

Technology’s March

What do an 18th century microscope, an Edison cylinder phonograph from 1905, an early De Forest radio, early IBM Apple computers, computer chips and all types of clocks have in common?

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