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Unexpected Annuals May 2017

Unexpected Annuals

Let’s look at some different options that can add drama and interest to the May garden.

Beautiful Canvases May 2017

Beautiful Canvases

There is nothing quite like Columbia in the spring.

All Sorts and Sizes January/February 2017

All Sorts and Sizes

January and February are sleepy months in the garden, but they are also the perfect months to critically evaluate the elements in the landscape.

The Potting Shed December 2016

The Potting Shed

Outbuildings have always been a very important architectural element in the design of major gardens.

Following Her Bliss November 2016

Following Her Bliss

With the first step into Hillary McDonald’s garden, guests are transported to a private sanctuary.

Planted Focal Points November 2016

Planted Focal Points

The importance of creating focal points in the garden is to lead the eye and the visitor from one area in the garden to another.

A Gardener’s Canvas October 2016

A Gardener’s Canvas

Dirt is the canvas for a gardener’s artistic brushstrokes. Hues of green and brown layer across a gardener’s painting with pops of vivid color … yellow, pink, blue, purple, red. Nature’s flora showcases the pinnacle of artistic beauty.

Monthly Aromatics October 2016

Monthly Aromatics

Fall is definitely time for planting, and it’s also the perfect time for enjoying time in the garden. It is a delightful season to appreciate the intoxicating fragrance of Tea Olives blooming all over the Midlands.

An Eye for Design September 2016

An Eye for Design

Not many can say their garden is so beautiful and extraordinary that it is catalogued in the Smithsonian. Beth and John Wofford are two of the fortunate few.

Simply Southern September 2016

Simply Southern

Designing a simple Southern garden is as easy as baking a Southern pecan pie! All you need are the right ingredients, and your oasis will be thriving in a short period of time.

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