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Define the Design: Color Combinations January/February 2017

Define the Design: Color Combinations

The October High Point Market showcased new directions in color for upholstery and accessories for 2017.

All Sorts and Sizes January/February 2017

All Sorts and Sizes

January and February are sleepy months in the garden, but they are also the perfect months to critically evaluate the elements in the landscape.

Stems and Stemless January/February 2017

Stems and Stemless

Crafting a registry with your fiancé is one of the most exciting tasks on the wedding planning to-do list.

Heads or Tails December 2016

Heads or Tails

For many South Carolinians, hunting and fishing is a way of life. Hours are spent focusing, listening, thinking and waiting for the perfect catch or that elusive 10-point buck.

Et Cetera: All About Brass December 2016

Et Cetera: All About Brass

Hardier than silver and less apt to tarnish, brass has its own set of maintenance rules.

A Timeless Design December 2016

A Timeless Design

Margaret Clarkson’s mother, Sarah, was well ahead of her time.

The Potting Shed December 2016

The Potting Shed

Outbuildings have always been a very important architectural element in the design of major gardens.

Perfectly Polished December 2016

Perfectly Polished

For all of its timeless appeal, silver is a bit of an outlier.

Planted Focal Points November 2016

Planted Focal Points

The importance of creating focal points in the garden is to lead the eye and the visitor from one area in the garden to another.

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