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An Elegant Perch July/August 2017

An Elegant Perch

Bar stools bring life to the party!

In Full Bloom April 2017

In Full Bloom

It’s the perfect season to create beautifully unique floral centerpieces for all of your spring parties.

Define the Design: Color Combinations January/February 2017

Define the Design: Color Combinations

The October High Point Market showcased new directions in color for upholstery and accessories for 2017.

Et Cetera: All About Brass December 2016

Et Cetera: All About Brass

Hardier than silver and less apt to tarnish, brass has its own set of maintenance rules.

Upcycling Junktiques November 2016

Upcycling Junktiques

Everyone wants to find a good deal, but few people have the knack and the patience to sort through mounds of junk to find hidden treasures.

Table Candy October 2016

Table Candy

The coffee table — the common footrest, remote holder and snack bar — can ultimately be a main centerpiece to any living area, a blank canvas to reflect personal style and taste.

Dressing Dorms  September 2016

Dressing Dorms

An estimated 20 million students nationwide are expected to enter college this fall. This past year, 32,000 students were enrolled at the University of South Carolina, with the majority of those being female: 54 percent.

Creative Lighting  June 2016

Creative Lighting

Dig In June 2016

Dig In

Visiting a plant nursery can be a daunting task for those new to garden shopping.

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