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Coming Home to Roost January/February 2017

Coming Home to Roost

Jane Suggs has always been what she calls a mover. As in, “if it’s time to paint, it’s time to move,” she says.

Tiger Paws and Santa Suits January/February 2017

Tiger Paws and Santa Suits

Katherine Tribble and Reid Schwartz first crossed paths at Clemson University where they attended a class together their freshman year.

A Memorable Year January/February 2017

A Memorable Year

Each year, it is our great privilege to conduct the Best of Columbia contest honoring the wonderful businesses that together help our city thrive.

Coloring Outside the Lines  December 2016

Coloring Outside the Lines

Larry Lebby can’t remember a time when he wasn’t creating.

Heads or Tails December 2016

Heads or Tails

For many South Carolinians, hunting and fishing is a way of life. Hours are spent focusing, listening, thinking and waiting for the perfect catch or that elusive 10-point buck.

Happy Holidays December 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!” “Merry Christmas!” The cheerful greetings we use during this festive month indicate the lighthearted celebration of our nation’s biggest holiday.

The 2016 Best of Philanthropy Awards November 2016

The 2016 Best of Philanthropy Awards

Columbia is filled with unsung heroes — everyday people having enormous impacts on the lives of others.

Patriot James Miller November 2016

Patriot James Miller

This past August, West Columbia resident James Miller was gearing up for his own election.

Positive Coaches November 2016

Positive Coaches

The coaches who seem to grab headlines most often are the ones who grab facemasks, throw chairs or intimidate their players.

Coverage Gaps October 2016

Coverage Gaps

The October 2015 rains and floods that battered South Carolina took 19 lives, caused 36 dam failures, destroyed more than $1 billion in home and property and displaced more than 20,000 residents.

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