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Sinter Klaas December 2016

Sinter Klaas

Before he was coming down chimneys, adorned in his iconic red suit and black boots to deliver toys to all of the deserving children, St. Nicholas was known as the “protector of children and sailors.”

The Thin Blue Line  December 2016

The Thin Blue Line

It’s not uncommon to see Lt. Frieda Wyatt talking to a group of curious children about her job.

Coats for Kids December 2016

Coats for Kids

For most, crawling into the attic to retrieve bins and boxes of winter clothes, scarves and coats — packed up at the beginning of March just as the winter weather is moving out — is something to avoid as long as possible.

Ex Libris: Treacherous Beauty November 2016

Ex Libris: Treacherous Beauty

“I believe I may without vanity say that there are few women that could have so far conquered [these difficulties] as I have done.” — Peggy Shippen Arnold

From the Field to the Jar November 2016

From the Field to the Jar

People often dream of turning a fun hobby into a profitable business.

Hands-On H.O.P.E. November 2016

Hands-On H.O.P.E.

“Should I use this fabric? What do you think about this button here?” Melanie Pompy, manager of the 1,800-square-foot Store of HOPE on Broad River Road, visits students in their classrooms at least once a week.

From Forest Acres to Famously Fast November 2016

From Forest Acres to Famously Fast

For the boy who grew up a few blocks off of Trenholm Road — the one who, at age 4, told his mom he wanted to be a race car driver — it was a perfect day.

Tribes and Territories November 2016

Tribes and Territories

South Carolina is steeped in Revolutionary War and Civil War history. However, a rich and distinct history existed for hundreds, even thousands of years before these relatively young historical events became significant.

The Sport of Kings November 2016

The Sport of Kings

Falconry is an art. It requires copious time, an all-consuming devotion and a gentle yet determined skill.

Positive Coaches November 2016

Positive Coaches

The coaches who seem to grab headlines most often are the ones who grab facemasks, throw chairs or intimidate their players.

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