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Food for the Eye that Soothes the Soul

There’s no denying the popularity of sushi in America for it has become a nation of sushi connoisseurs.

Out to Eat!

Columbia Metropolitan's Out to Eat! Restaurant Profiles

Summer’s Frozen Assets

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Look Good, Feel Better

The Chemotherapy Story

“If you survive chemo, you do feel like you can survive anything.”

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Tanner Takes the Lead

Approaching his second football season, Ray Tanner implements his strategies to bolster the program’s strength.

Creative Expressions

Life-like stills, stimulating abstracts, subtle hues, vibrant colors — each piece of artwork tells a story but it’s the eye of the beholder that creates the narrative.

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Freedom of Education

South Carolina parents are being empowered to control and customize their child’s education.

Hitting the Number One Rank

For a number of reasons, the Honors College is ranked number one among the 50 other public honors colleges throughout the United States.

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Successful Financial Planning

How people think about money is almost as important as how much money they have. Some people can live quite happily on an amount that seems meager to others.

Aflac in Columbia

Insurance giant Aflac has grown spectacularly even as it has been managed cautiously. When it acts, however, it tends to be decisive and succeed where it has found advantages.

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Everything Old is New Again

Eight homes. Eight ideas. Eight unique results. A remodel can be as easy as a new backsplash in the kitchen or as complex as an extensive renovation.


The temperatures in the Midlands in September can be stifling, so turn your gardening talents to the interior of your home and get a healthy benefit as an added bonus.